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Books by SSS Members


Singlehanded Sailing Tips Book (3rd ed.) by Andy Evans
(free .pdf download at the link, or buy Kindle or hardcopy at Amazon)


Black Feathers: A Pocket Racer Sails The Singlehanded TransPac
by Robert Crawford (purchase on amazon)


The Floating Harpsichord: One Sailor’s Log and Manuals for Solo-Sailing and Solo-Medicine  by Peter H. Strykers   (purchase on amazon)


Not A Yacht Club: The Singlehanded Sailing Society by Jackie Philpott (purchase on amazon)


Lee Shore Blues: Sex, Drugs and Bluewater Sailing by Peter M. Heiberg (purchase on amazon)

Tips for a Successful Season

  1. Read the Sailing Instructions! Every year they are modified. Skippers are responsible for knowing the Sailing Instructions and any changes to the Instructions that may be presented at the skippers meeting.
  2. For each race, don’t forget that the Standing Sailing Instructions also apply, in particular, the various Restricted Areas.
  3. Completing a Membership Application and joining the SSS for the year is cheaper than paying individual race entry fees, since the race fees for the whole season are covered by your annual membership fee. However, you still need to complete a Race Entry Form for each race you enter.
  4. Remember that the entry deadline for each race is the Wednesday evening before the race. If you can’t get to the skippers meeting, mail your entry early and check the website before the deadline to be sure it arrived! If you try to check in Saturday morning and you’re not on the Race Committee’s list, there’s nothing they can do about it.
  5. Get your current-year PHRF (or MPHRF) certificate! To enter an SSS race, you must present a current certificate, even if you generally sail with a one-design fleet. Contact the YRA or BAMA to apply for a certificate. Make sure the SSS actually has your valid and current PHRF certificate – SSS does not have access to the YRA files, so having one “on file” with YRA does not meet SSS requirements.
  6. Be sure you know whether your boat is a SPORTBOAT or not, using the formula shown in the Standing Sailing Instructions. If your boat is a SPORTBOAT you must sail in the SPORTBOAT class. SPORTBOAT includes, but is not limited to, the Moore 24, Melges 24, Antrim 27, Santa Cruz 27, Express 27, Olson 30 and Hobie 33. The value of your “DWL Ratio” is listed on the lower right corner of your PHRF certificate.
  7. If using the paper entry form, be sure to sign and date the Race Entry Form. And check that you’ve filled in or circled every applicable item. But please use jibeset if you possibly can!
  8. Remember that if you do not finish within the time limit or withdraw from a race for any reason you must contact the race committee as soon as possible by VHF radio or by telephone. Refer to the additional sailing instructions for each race for the radio channel or phone number.
  9. Come out and volunteer on Race Committee. It’s fun, and you will learn a lot. For those who are competing for the season perpetual trophy, volunteering for Race Committee will still count toward your season score. Refer to the Standing Sailing Instructions for more details on scoring.

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