1980 Wilderness 30 SX
Chuck Burns design
Fractional rig, masthead spinnaker
Modified keel from a B-32

This boat has done the Pac-Cup back in 96.
I hope to do the SHTP in 2018. We both have a ways to go before we are up to doing it.
  1. IMG 1774
  2. New bottom paint and thru hull. 
Almost done polishing topsides. You can see the before and after.
  3. Back in the water ready to go to Half Moon Bay.
  4. Hauling out for new bottom paint.  
Check out that B32 keel.
  5. IMG 0582
  6. New Matrix VHF mounted. 
  7. IMG 0523
  8. IMG 0471
  9. IMG 0449
  10. IMG 0467
  11. IMG 0468
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