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05-27-2013, 02:51 PM
Some asked me about this and I will share with the others. My first application download ever on a mobile device. I am using a Nexus 7 tablet.

MX Mariner for Android -- $6, simple and basic. Provided me with SOG, COG and Lat/Long. Has routes, waypoint and tracking which I have not used yet. Pinkish/red light level for the evening is cool. Ran smoothly, no hiccups. One Map download for SF to Hawaii. http://mxmariner.com/

Memory Map for Android-- $20. A lot more display information that I have seen on PC based Navigation software. Some hiccups. Didn't run smoothly on my droid, for example, it switched back and forth from NOAA to Topo map inexplicably. The account management part was confusing in that trying to locate and download maps was not as easy as a simple download. http://www.memory-map.com/

2 years ago Long Pac, I was plotting myself on paper charts, but this year I wanted to make it less queasy.

Here is a link to a web review that includes other Android apps and links to iphone based ones, too. My experience was different from the reviewer. More complexity seemed to add more hiccups and user unfriendliness. I did note that the reviewer did not run his test on an actual Droid tablet.


Hope this helps some.

05-27-2013, 05:03 PM
Testing in this year's LongPac?

Ben liked iNavx on the iPad on the way to Monterey.

06-18-2013, 08:03 PM
Hi, Joe
I hope you plan to test MX Mariner on your Nexus during the LongPac. Is it truly internal GPS even offshore? This enquiring mind wants to know because she, too, has a Nexus with MX Mariner loaded.

07-10-2013, 05:33 PM
Just got back from a 4 day trip to Tomales using MX Mariner (MXM) on my Nexus7 Tablet (N7)
Small boat Santana 22 so a lot of rocking and rolling whole trip


N7 in ziplock stored in cabin netting (Otterbox (http://www.otterbox.com/nexus-7-cases/nexus-7-cases,default,sc.html) makes N7 case)
12V Golf Cart Battery
Cable to Cigarette lighter connection
7.5A Fuse
Dual USB (1A and 2A) plug for powering devices: Android phone and N7
Ran devices off battery nonstop except sleeping at night
Phone ran Greenalp GPS Realtime Tracker (http://www.greenalp.com/RealTimeTracker/?viewuser=emagin) (cell based so not applicable to offshore stuff)
No power analysis but ran fine w/no charging

MXM Pre-Trip:

Created tracks and waypoints with Rosepoint Coastal Explorer (http://www.coastalexplorer.net/) (CE) on Win desktop (Damned good software)
CE Exported tracks to GPX
MXM Import GPX - A bit kludgy via USB cable, could be smarter here - think they are working on this
Download MXM NOAA Region 14 Charts (http://mxmariner.com/noaa.html) for West Coast
Tracks enabled in MXM - show up in Light Blue, can enable one or more tracks as you need
There are no NOAA vector charts ENC

MXM Trip:
GPS and tracking performed flawlessly entire trip
Power consumption seemed fine (no real tests)
You can set it to turn off GPS when screen goes off

MXM Pros:
Very simple Setup and use, follows KISS principles
Offline is the keyword. This thing is designed for offline use, no futzing with caches and storing map segments. More like desktop tools in this sense.
Good swiping, zooming, redraw all very fast and good
Good visibility options though I used mostly daytime in cabin
Good "measure from boat to" tool
Good chart info at location
Position tracking is rock solid (assuming N7 GPS working. Mine worked great whole trip in cabin)
Imported tracks overlay nicely onto NOAA Raster charts in light blue
GPS power save good if you are on battery
Can use external GPS via bluetooth (if you have another device)
Can work off external SD
Show SOG and COG in overlay
Shows NM scale for current chart zoom

MXM Cons:
It's a chart, tracks and waypoints, not much more
Icons a bit confusing
No tide, current, Grib, wind info
Measure to tool not from boat is a bit confusing - protactor icon, but not intuitive
Course Predictor just some dots, nothing else
SOG and COG very small, can't make bigger, very hard to see while traveling, need to hunch down and really focus
Getting my recorded Routes off the N7 via "Marks Manager" is a PITA. That whole area needs work
Default Tracks saved as "New Track" so I overwrote a couple of tracks by accident. This should be fixed!

Overall - very satisfied with this simple, bulletproof system. (And it's 6 bucks for christ's sake!)
They got the basics right.
I'm a little gripey about the interface and data management areas, probably because I'm spoiled by coastal explorer.

FYI - some folks have had success running better software on their laptops and then remoting into the laptop below via their otterboxed tablet topside.
But this does not hold to KISS principles as you have way too many points of failure!

07-10-2013, 05:38 PM
Yes it is GPS all the way offshore with no data connection.
Mind you it will not be as powerful as a GPS mounted on your stern above deck, but I had no trouble seeing 11+ sats during recent trip to Tomales with Nexus in cabin swinging in a net. (no cell coverage in airplane mode to just be sure!)

Hi, Joe
I hope you plan to test MX Mariner on your Nexus during the LongPac. Is it truly internal GPS even offshore? This enquiring mind wants to know because she, too, has a Nexus with MX Mariner loaded.

07-15-2013, 07:53 PM
I've been doing itty bitty videos with with the Nexus 7, but they can't be emailed if larger than 25 mb which is very short - about 15 seconds. Has anybody tried skyping with it? How would that work offshore or even in the Bay? Is anyone interested in trying it? Who would know this? Brian Boschma would know this! Calling Red Sky. Come in, Red Sky.

07-20-2013, 12:43 PM
Not sure how this relates to OP and the forum 2013 Longpac. You won't have data connection offshore, so can't do this unless you get a satphone.

Has anybody tried skyping with it? How would that work offshore or even in the Bay?

07-25-2013, 10:49 AM
Not sure what phone net. your on but you should be able to upload larger videos, at least I can on ATT. Of course, as noted, this won't work very far from shore or not at all at Pt Reyes due to lack of cell phone towers out there (that needs to solved, can't we put a 1500' cell phone tower on the South Farralon's ? ).