View Full Version : 2015 Transpac return - need crew

ronnie simpson
11-18-2014, 02:19 PM
Hi everyone,

It looks like I will be delivery skipper of a boat back from Transpac in summer 2015. The owner and I have agreed to all of the terms and things are looking like a green light. The boat is very well proven in several big offshore races, has all of the safety gear, etc. Things are always subject to change this far out, hence why i'm not blabbing about which boat it is.

Anyways, I am putting out a feeler for crew. Who in the SSS would be interested in crewing on this trip? There will be 4 of us total and i'll be paying the crew $100/ day. Offshore racing experience on surfing boats is a must. This is a fast 50 foot race boat and mistakes can come with serious consequence.

Time table will be late July departure from Honolulu and arriving in San Francisco roughly 15 days later. I have done 4 deliveries from HI to west coast and have over 50k miles at sea now, with a lot of experience as skipper of race boat deliveries. Want to throw it out on this forum as there are some SSS members that I would love to share this experience with.


Ronnie Simpson