View Full Version : Does anyone want to deliver an Olson 30 back to SF after the 2016 SHTP?

12-14-2015, 12:46 PM
Please ping me if you or anyone you know would be interested.

bizirka at gmail dot com

12-15-2015, 08:17 AM
Why not ship it?

12-16-2015, 10:24 AM
I am looking into it - i don't have a trailer and will have very little time in HI to get it ready for shipping.

ronnie simpson
02-08-2016, 11:09 PM
have you thought about selling it once you get here? while it's true I had a very hard time selling my Moore in Hawaii after the SHTP in 2012, and eventually had to ship home, the Olson's are a different story. There's one on big island, one on Maui, a 29 on Maui, a couple on Oahu and 3 or 4 on Kauai. Something of a fleet out here in Hawaii, and you probably wouldn't have a super hard time selling the boat and parting out the life raft, epirb, ssb, autopilot and/ or other trinkets. plenty of people to help you here as well.


ronnie simpson

02-09-2016, 12:54 PM
Thanks Ronnie - appreciate the note.

I have spoken with members of the fleet who do want to buy my boat. But they are not willing to pay more than 10k.

I hope I can find someone who wants to sail the boat back to the west coast - as I would be extremely sad if I sold the boat after rebuilding it for a year.

02-09-2016, 02:39 PM
Perhaps store it in HI and go get it later when you have more time????

02-11-2016, 12:29 PM
Thanks Harrier! Its a great thought - I have considered it heavily. The fact is, I can afford about one long trip a year in terms of time off work. If I do another year without doing a trip/vacation with the significant other then I will get murdered.

02-11-2016, 02:40 PM
I don't have time to sail back so it would be great to have someone sail the boat back. I'm also looking at shipping the boat.

Anyone interested in sailing Tijd (Beneteau First 30JK) back, let me know.


02-27-2016, 09:24 AM
I'm looking for some folks to sail my Pacific Seacraft 31 back as well.
Cheers, Mike