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02-19-2019, 07:46 PM
As a newly minted member of the RYC, Dura Mater and I are now “eligible” to participate in the Inter Club Series. Open to yacht club members, only, dontcha know? Years ago, when DM and I were still in Berkeley I asked Ray Irvine if I could register. He said, "No, the SSS is not a yacht club." So he invited me to sail on his Catalina 34, Crews Nest, instead. However, he already had a full crew made up of family members and long time friends: Ian, Andrew, Bob, Quintin and Herb, among many others who are all serious sailors and quicker to respond than this sailor. So they didn't really need me at all.

But now! Now I can register DM and invite people to join me on my wicked fast racing machine. The Inter Club Series. What is this? A series of six races, sponsored and run by each of the following yacht clubs in turn: Treasure Island, Island, Encinal, South Beach, Oakland, Aeolian, Coyote Point, Ballena Bay, the Catalina 34 Fleet and BAMA. And how much will registration in this series cost me? $60. What a deal. I will have enough money left over to buy my crew drinks afterward. So, keep these dates in mind: 4.13, 5.11, 6.8, 7.13, 8.10 and 9.14, and post your inclinations here. I've had five people and a dog in my cockpit all at the same time. And if no one shows up? Well, that's the beauty of singlehanding. I can go out anyway.

Correction from Ray: “My interclub is open to anybody with money.” :-) https://www.jibeset.net/IC000.php?RG=T007725697

02-19-2019, 10:46 PM
Ping this thread when we get closer. I'd like to sail with your again, at your discretion of course.

02-20-2019, 10:38 AM
Update 022019: April and May dates are out because of conflict with SSS races. Philippe, I will definitely ping you. Or text me anytime.

02-20-2019, 11:25 AM
I might as well mention RYC's own Intraclub series - "Intraclub" because entries are limited to RYC member boats.

There are two divisions: "Serious Fun" and "Mellow Fun." Chris (Fugu) Case and I did the first one last year in the Mellow Fun division and enjoyed it. The courses are similar to SSS Bay courses and there's typically a gathering at the club afterwards.

The dates are 5/04, 6/22, 9/07 and 10/12 (no SSS race conflicts). There aren't shorthanded divisions so I would be able to invite others to sail with me.