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11-26-2019, 06:17 PM
2008 Singlehanded Transpacific Yacht Race Videos by our sailing friends Jonathan Gutoff and Christine Weaver of NorCalSailing.com

Number One: https://vimeo.com/278423968

Number Two: https://vimeo.com/287181720

Number Three: https://vimeo.com/287274428

Number Four: https://vimeo.com/287522155

Sparky Finish: https://vimeo.com/287527690

11-27-2019, 03:22 PM
Digging through the archives the other day...I found this pic of Sol Man heading out to the start in 2000 inspiring....short sleeves....jeans....Legendary. The first few days off the coast are always nice and balmy :)

11-27-2019, 03:51 PM
And here's your video, Adam. It's so nice to learn that you are going to make another run at this race ... ten years later.


I joined the SSS in 2009 and was inspired to see you and your boat at the start. Unassuming, small boat, so much appeal! 21 days/ 18 hours. FAD doesn't capture the angst, I'm sure. Well, we'll all be watching you next year. Best wishes and thanks for this terrific little video.

11-27-2019, 04:17 PM
Ha! Thanks Jackie.

2020 will be too soon for me...Maybe 2022 unless of course the Shaka Challenge starts running odd years :) I am looking forward to seeing The Hedgehog and The Buffalo duke it out on the course!

From 2010...The morning Corinthian YC glass off is always deceiving....


12-06-2019, 01:13 PM
It's a very old edit and it uploaded a bit wonky leaving out some audio, etc. I will have to dig up the original footage and do an edit someday:


12-06-2019, 07:24 PM
Thanks Greg! You broke your boom and still won overall - I'd forgotten.

Was that in the old Tahiti Nui (at the end)?

12-07-2019, 10:17 AM
Yes, the old separate banquet room behind the bar with "Auntie" waxing poetic about Hanalei.