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mike cunningham
05-01-2021, 11:02 AM
as of 5/29/21

Inspection checklist vers 3 completed and distributed to inspectors

Note To skippers - inspectors will ask for tracker type, IMEI and URL for your public map page. They will also ask for confirmation of qualifying sail + overview of route. And, finally they will request emergency/family contact info in Hawaii if you plan to have folks on Island.

Remote boats,

Aloha in San Diego -Inspection complete note: trailering up on/about 7 June
Siren in LA - Inspection complete
Near Miss in Santa Barbara - Inspection pending
Lohengrin in Portland - Inspection complete(note: sailing down for arrival early June)
Hula in Pt. Townsend - on the way to SF, will inspect locally upon arrival third week of May
Mountain in Bellingham - skipper contacted, Garman has performed dry run via video-inspection, final in person inspection June 1st
Perplexity in Seattle -Inspection complete
Northern Star in Seattle - Inspection complete note: sailing down on/about 25 May

Local boats

Green Buffalo -Inspection complete
Rainbow - Inspection complete
Sea Wisdom - Inspection complete
Shark on Bluegrass - Inspection complete
Nozomi - Inspection complete

mike cunningham
05-03-2021, 04:10 PM