View Full Version : Vallejo 1-2 Provisional Results

10-12-2009, 11:55 AM
The provisional results for the Vallejo 1-2 race are posted:


Thanks for a great racing season everybody.

10-13-2009, 08:51 AM
What Matt said.

There are a few errors in the combined (Saturday + Sunday) results - I set up the tiebreakers incorrectly - but nothing affecting the class winners. Those will be fixed when the results are finalized today or tomorrow.


10-14-2009, 09:19 AM
Thanks to Max and his R/C for a great weekend of racing and an outstanding season.

I wrote this report for someone else but will post it here too:

Saturday was great - light wind but enough to sail well with the new #1 for the first leg. I got a great start at the pin and was soon near the front of the fleet. The Farr 36 "War Pony" was ahead of me and Gordy Nash was nipping at my heels. Gordy set his assymetric before me and caught up as I set my big runner, which I knew I'd want for the light run through San Pablo Bay. At Pt. San Pablo we were the lead three boats, having passed all the earlier starters. War Pony had a huge masthead kite and is a big, light boat, so he moved out ahead.

I got ahead of Gordy as the wind went aft and then he and I traded gybes for the next two hours, each trying to gain an advantage. We were close enough to holler back and forth to each other. Greg ("Outsider") and Dan (JS9000 "JetStream") passed us beyond Pinole Pt., then a couple of the multihulls.

I had several sloppy gybes, including one requiring a gybe back to clear a wrap but as usual Gordy was flawless. I stayed with him though, finishing just two minutes behind him which made me happy. It would have been easy to do much better - after Gordy, the next five boats in my division corrected out within three minutes of each other, after 4+ hours of sailing.

In Vallejo we had a great time hanging out on the boats. At one point I had 6-7 other skippers crammed into Ragtime!'s cockpit. Three SH TransPacer's looked at the boat more carefully, especially the electrical system.

Connie came over for the dinner and to drive me home (so I got to sleep in my own bed). The dinner was quite good and was a bargain!

Sunday was not so good. The engine wasn't pumping cooling water through so I had to sail out to the start (no big deal but I wondered what would happen at the Estuary end later). Also my battery monitor froze up - again no big deal but it's never done that before. The NOAA forecast was for light wind so I kept the #1 on the furler, which became a problem when I reached San Pablo Bay where it was blowing 17-18! The autopilot popped out of its socket just as I was rounding #1 into Carquinez Strait - my own fault for not tying it down as I normally do.

So I rolled up the #1 and sailed with main only for awhile until I got everything stabilized, then did the ugly but necessary sail change from #1 to #3, and reefed the main. By then I was in the cheap seats, knew I had no engine if the wind died later (which it did), so I decided to sail home and not go into Richmond YC to finish. The race wasn't a counter for my season (it was for the DH'ers only).

I had a nice sail through the central Bay and watched the Blue Angels, and worked on the engine. The water pump impeller was fine and the raw water strainer looked good - I still don't know what is causing the problem but will take more of it apart on Friday.

At the mouth of the Estuary I got a tow from Mike Tyng (C&C 37 "Sirius") - he towed me all the way to the hoist at Alameda Marina (thanks Mike!) It still ended up being a long day but it could have been MUCH longer. With the storm coming I stripped all the sails off (including the main) and took everything home.

Bummed the SSS season has ended - it's been fun.