View Full Version : Half Moon Bay Race Registration

07-15-2010, 02:13 PM
Half Moon Bay Race Registrations are Online Now.

Here is the link: Half Moon Bay Race Registration (http://jibeset.net/JACKY000.php?RG=T002876048)

(This is the first time we are using the Jibeset system for race registration. The SSS has been testing this new system for race result generation and live race deck management since the beginning of 2010. The features in Jibeset allowing us to provide live update race information to the Coast Guard have led to the decision to use this system for the Half Moon Bay race registration and management. If you have raced in SSS races this year, we have migrated your boat information to the new system. When you register for the Half Moon Bay Race with Jibeset, you will need your boat name and sail number to setup an initial password. Any questions or problems, send an email to sail@sfbaysss.org or adjuvantjfoster@gmail.com.)