View Full Version : Fiasco Top Ten (From the RC)

Jonathan Gutoff
01-28-2011, 07:01 PM
We don't want to sound like mom but the RC have posted this list:

The Top Ten.

1. Read the SSI's and SI's carefully.

2. Check in with boat name and sail number only. (Even sail numbers on VHF 68, Odd sail numbers on VHF 69.)

3. The starting line is restricted until 5 minutes before your start. This will be enforced.

4. If over early do not restart. You will get a twenty minute penalty instead.

5. Do not go into restricted areas. You can not "unwind" once in a restricted area. See the SSS website for restricted area chartlets.

6. The start/finish line is not restricted but* please radio the RC to let us know you are just crossing to get to another mark.

7. Running lights must be on at sunset.

8. Please radio in just before you finish to help the RC figure out who you are.

9. If you drop out, radio in on VHF 69. If no response call the SSS voicemail and leave your boat name and sail number and the time.
You must check out by notifying the RC or you will be in trouble. Don't just go home.

10. Have fun.

Also: The only way we can fairly score this race is help from you. Do not be afraid to point out any problems with finish times or any other discrepancies. We will do our best to make it right.