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  1. John,

    This is Ronnie Simpson. The younger guy with the green Moore 24. Congrats on the Quest! Great boat! I heard through the grape vine that you were in need of some boat work and had gotten a quote that you weren't comfortable with. I am not currently rigging client's boats, but I can recommend the right guys locally if you would like. I have seen some other out of towners get treated poorly by boat yards here and I hope to prevent that. If you have things figured out, then totally forget I even said anything. But if you have any questions or want to discuss anything in prepping your boat, please feel free to call me at 415-400-6281. Please let me know any way I can help you out and I really look forward to having you in our race.


    Ronnie Simpson
    Moore 24 "US 101"

    ps- just to set the mood for some Nor Cal sailing, here's a video of my Moore 24 racing offshore two weekends ago. It was a fun ride... :
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