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  1. Jen, I saw you lurking. How are you doing? Are you going to tell me how your trip to Hawaii went? I'd love to hear. You weren't that far behind everybody. I'm very proud of you. Someone said that you said (somewhere) "I'll never do that again". Well, it would be really wonderful to get your feedback, and if you would prefer I keep them confidential, I promise to do that. Will you be coming to the SF area any time soon? Where is your boat? What did you do with it? I'm preparing for the longpac in June - sold my Cal 20 and bought a Cal 2-27 which is very similar to your Erikson 27, I am told. It is sitting in the boat yard getting new rigging and electronics etc. Costing a lot of money in the end, I'm sure, even though I sanded the mast down to raw aluminum, primed it and painted it. Today I started sanding my boom in my back yard, spewing toxic dust into my own and my yuppie neighbors' lungs. Do tell. my private email is
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