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  1. Good Morning,

    I would very much appreciate to get your explanation about why my posting regarding emergency rudder issues of yesterday has been ceised. I thought it might be of interest for your readership whats being available on the market in terms of safety at sea today.

    Of course I am aware that Hans Bernwall is considering this as his personal playground, even knowing that we of windpilot are manaufacturing SOS rudder now since decades.

    But while this might be an issue amongst competitors I thought that a forum administration would be able to spread useful information to their readers without restricting information that might be benefitial and important.

    Perhaps I should invite you for a closer examination to our product range... very certainly you may realize which kind of product improvements have been possible at a time where so many competitors standing still during decades.

    Thanks in anticipation for your answer to

    kind regards
    Peter Foerthmann
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