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    Please note that the date has been added and an...

    Please note that the date has been added and an RSVP is requested. See first post above.
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    Stanley Glaros passing

    We are saddened to hear from “Alpha Puppy” that Stanley Glaros of the 1D35 fleet past away last Friday due to a bicycle accident and ensuing injuries. His mates have spread the word to us about his...
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    Congratulations for finishing and thanks for...

    Congratulations for finishing and thanks for posting about your day. Though, we all try to finish well, just finishing is an accomplishment not possible for some.

    I think you learned a lot and my...
  4. 2022 Season standing thru Singlehanded Farallones

    Ray at Jibeset has compiled the season standings:

    Naturally I am biased here, but could we see a third Express 27 on the overall Singlehanded Monohull this year. Gooo, Pork Chop Express!

  5. Thanks to our Volunteers at SHF Race Deck HQ

    Thanks to the many volunteers for making another SHF race possible. Since '77 when Skip Allan first apexed the Stinky Rocks along with other intrepids, this ocean race has been a right of passage...
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    RC records show SoB sticking it out until 11:51...

    RC records show SoB sticking it out until 11:51 a.m. which is within an hour of all our retirees. Sailors reported waves were pretty square and tightly spaced in the channel.
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    Singlehanded Farallones results posted

    Fleet and Overall results posted on jibeset.

    Congratulations to Sean, Robert and Jeff our podium finishers!

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    For the personal safety of the RC on the seawall...

    For the personal safety of the RC on the seawall and the commute back home, the RC implemented a 12 a.m. cutoff this year.

    Also, the RC does not have a boat or deck to retreat to.

    We will...
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    Season standings to date 3BF to RTR

    A "Thank You" to Ray at Jibeset for compiling our season standings to date.
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    I once needed a ride to Fruitvale BART since Taxi...

    I once needed a ride to Fruitvale BART since Taxi response at Alameda Marina was poor. I saw this Salty European, but friendly looking fellow loading his Volvo-Chandlery with more stuff. He said,...
  11. Singlehanded Farallones Registration is now open for May, 21.

    Our first ocean race of the season is now open,

    Check your equipment, boat and training requirements within the posted Sailing Instructions,...
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    David H. joins the SSS board

    On Thursday, April 28th, 2022, David Herrigel was voted in to the 2022 SSS Board. We have been short a board member with the unfilled Season Race Chair position. Please welcome Dave and pester him...
  13. Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay race registration is open

    Registration is open:

    Some highlights:

    Theme for this year is Welcome Newcomers!
    -First timers are very encouraged and we have two...
  14. Singlehanded No Trophy South Bay registration will open very soon

    Expect registration to open by Mon evening. Meanwhile, attached is the preliminary SI, not the official.

    Main stuff:

    - Singlehanded Only race.
    - South Bay Race to start at NAS1, "SC", YRA...
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    It has not been brought up as an agenda item at...

    It has not been brought up as an agenda item at our 1/4'ly board meetings. Some (board members and participants) enjoy the non-commute. Others miss getting together. I will add it to the agenda...
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    2021 Q4 Board Meeting Minutes

    Attached is the Board Meeting Minutes from Dec. 8, 2021

    As minutes are adopted after each succeeding quarterly meeting, we will post.
  17. Round the Rocks: this regatta was brought to you by the letters S, R, C and B.

    85 of the 111 registered came to see if the weather gods would smile upon them. They did! No postponement and about 99% started in the correct fleet and only 1 DNF.

    Thank you to All who came out...
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    Paul, thank you for catching that omission. It...

    Paul, thank you for catching that omission. It is course 1.

    SSS Commodore
  19. RTR Skippers & Corinthians Awards meeting, 7:30 p.m. Wed, March 16

    Please join us for the Round the Rocks Skippers' Meeting, preceded by a very short awarding to the only Corinthian's finisher. If you have registered, a zoom link has been sent to your email. ...
  20. Forum down on March 10 for 2-4 hrs for server migration

    The host provider states that our Forum will down on March 10 for 2-4 hrs for server migration. No specific time indicated.
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    Corinthians (Golden Ga-thians) results

    The start was dominated by the ebb and timing the conveyor belt toward BlackAller was not easy for some.

    The rheostat on northerly wind was not open to any prayers Saturday.

    Bottle Rocket, #47,...
  22. As of this Thursday evening, we are too thin in...

    As of this Thursday evening, we are too thin in the afternoon and finishing hours.

    Please contact me if you can help out for the 12-3 or 3-6 p.m. shift.


    Commodore Joe,...
  23. 3BF Awards meeting and Corinthian skippers meeting this wed at 7:30 p.m.

    We will be recognizing the well placed finishers from 3 Bridge Fiasco and immediately follow with the Corinthians Skippers' meeting.

    This Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. via zoom link below.
  24. Call for volunteers - Corinthian Regatta, Sat. Feb. 26, 3 hr. shifts


    We need some hands for the Corinthians "race deck" this Saturday at Golden Gate Y.C. sea wall.

    9:30 a.m. - 12. Checkins, counting starters, monitoring line. (3 folks)

    12-3 p.m. -...
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    Annual membership registration is open

    Annual membership registration is open. If you did not participate in 3 Bridge and would like to join the SSS now, the membership only option is open at:...
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