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  1. Gimbal Chair & Monitor Steering Wheel Attachment

    Gimbal Chair - I can't use it and hope that someone on the forum can, it works great, swings back and forth easily with no restrictions. It's a bulky so shipping would be expensive. $150.

    I also...
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    Wanted - MRUD Unit

    I just bought a Monitor windvane today and now looking for a MRUD unit - anyone have one to sell?

    Thanks - Ross
  3. Jiri - I'm interested in the gear you have for...

    Jiri - I'm interested in the gear you have for sale. Perhaps everything depending on the price. Let me know how you'd like to work out the details, phone, email, etc.

    Thanks - Ross Hubbard -...
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    Monitor Wind Vane Self Steering Gear

    SOLD on March 16, 2008

    Monitor Self Steering Gear that was purchased new in 1994 and never been mounted/installed/used and has been in storage. The unit was purchased for a Ron Holland 43. Comes...
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