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    Corinthian Race Update

    The Corinthian NOR and SI documents have been posted on Jibeset.

    There are several COVID-related changes to the race this year:

    1) The traditional start/finish line off the namesake Corinthian...
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    Three Bridge Fiasco Initial Stats

    A quick update on the race today.* Altogether a very good race with a large percentage of boats finishing and decent wind all day.

    - 124 final registrants
    - 116 check-ins
    - 89...
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    Message from the Race Chair

    Apologies for the long post - there are several topics to be addressed at the start of a new racing season.

    The 2021 SSS Season and Three Bridge Fiasco Race registrations are now open on Jibeset. ...
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    Vallejo Municipal Marina Information

    For racers planning to stay at the Vallejo Municipal Marina guest dock on Saturday night, please note the following:

    1) The gate code is 1-9-2-0. Note that the first digit "1" is silent and there...
  5. SSS is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting....

    SSS is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting
    Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video...
  6. Vallejo 1-2 Skippers' Meeting THURSDAY 10/15 at 7:30 PM

    Please note that the Vallejo 1-2 skippers' meeting will be held this Thursday 10/15 at 7:30 PM. Zoom long-in details will be posted on Thursday morning.

    24 boats registered so far...
  7. Updated Vallejo Municipal Marina Email Address

    For those boats doing the Vallejo 1-2 that plan to stay overnight at the Vallejo Municipal Marina, a reminder that you need to provide electronic copies of your boat registration and proof of...
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    Vallejo 1-2 Registrations Open

    Registrations for the Vallejo 1-2 Regatta on October 17-18 are now open on Jibeset.

    The plan:
    - Should very similar to previous years' races
    - Traditional start/finish lines at the Berkeley...
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    Vallejo 1-2 Plan

    A heads-up to the SSS community regarding the Vallejo 1-2 this year. There are some details that need to be finalized, but we wanted to get preliminary information out so that people can start to...
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    Updated HMB Results

    Dan Wiley contacted me to report that he miss-read the time he scribbled down with 25 kts on the beam crossing the finish line. 15:51:30 rather than 15:31:30. Re-scored. Now nice overall results...
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    Bob, We are open to all options. The concern...


    We are open to all options. The concern with Benicia was channel water depth and ability to accommodate 40+ boats. Please check out and let me know.

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    HMB Results + Vallejo 1-2 Update

    Results for the HMB race have been posted on Jibeset.

    Only 9 boats started. Perfectly understandable given the confusing re-schedule, limited social interaction in HMB, and the 30 kt offshore...
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    HMB Skippers' Meeting Info

    The scheduled HMB Zoom skippers meeting this evening met with technical difficulties. Apologies for the confusion.

    See attached slides from the un-meeting with information regarding the start,...
  14. Half Moon Bay Race RESCHEDULED for Sat. Sept 26

    We are rescheduling the 2020 Half Moon Bay race for Saturday Sept. 26th. This is the best option with reasonable tides and calendar availability. There will be no major changes to the race format...
  15. HMB Race POSTPONED Due To Air Quality Issues

    This is to inform all registered racers that the SSS HMB race scheduled for Sat. Sept 12 is POSTPONED due to hazardous air quality conditions.

    While we are generally inclined to allow individual...
  16. Also... Drakes Bay Zoom skippers' meeting is...

    Also... Drakes Bay Zoom skippers' meeting is this Thursday (not Wednesday) at 7:30 PM.
  17. Updated Drakes Bay SIs have been posted on...

    Updated Drakes Bay SIs have been posted on Jibeset with several corrections /clarifications:
    - Clarity around finish / start line at Drakes Bay (yes, east of G1, not west...)
    - Addition of...
  18. Note that there will be a few changes to the...

    Note that there will be a few changes to the preliminary SIs that were posted on Jibeset. These include the length of the finish / start line and the requirement to participate in the VHF 69 roll...
  19. Drakes Bay Update from the SSS Race Committee

    Drakes Bay Race Update

    We have permission from the US Coast Guard to run the Drakes Bay Races on Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23. This year’s race will be a SSS-only event, rather than...
  20. Yes - the website formula gives a D/L of 0.14 for...

    Yes - the website formula gives a D/L of 0.14 for my boat. That's pretty sporty...
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    RTR and Drakes Bay Updates from the SSS RC

    A couple of updates from the race deck:

    1) Thanks to everyone who helped get the RTR race off. Closing out the race is taking a bit longer than usual because of the self-reporting of finish times...
  22. Round The Rocks - Aug. 8 - Registrations Open

    We have opened Jibeset registrations for the 2020 Round The Rocks race on Saturday August 8. Let us know through this thread if there are any questions or issues with the Jibeset registration form....
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    Bob, Your check in and finish hails over VHF...


    Your check in and finish hails over VHF were fine. As for AIS, I was following the boats with transponders, both on my AIS receiver (masthead VHF antenna), as well as online...
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    2020 SH Farallones - Preliminary Results

    The preliminary results are posted on Jibeset for the 2020 SHF race yesterday. 30 boats registered, 25 started, 20 finished. Racers: please review the preliminary results for any errors before we...
  25. (Another) Note from the Race Chair re the SHF

    We are still on for re-starting the SSS season this Saturday with the SH Farallones race. There are currently 29 registered boats. By comparison, last year’s final tally was 34 registered boats and...
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