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  1. On the Red parachute is at...

    On the Red parachute is at $39.95 (Mk8A Flare) and the SOLAS Orange Lifesmoke Mk9 Flare Canister is at $39.95 as well... Much cheaper than anywhere else, this is before tax...
  2. Last minute flares order. Want to split shipping fees?

    Hi everybody,

    I am renewing a few recently expired flares from Landfall. Much better price that Westmarine. There is a 80$ overcharged for shipping. If you need flares too and are interested in...
  3. Thread: 2018 Seminars

    by Gregs

    Hi there I am looking for a ride from downtown...

    Hi there I am looking for a ride from downtown San Francisco and back to either San Francisco or ideally Sausalito.
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