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    I don't know all the important sailing acronyms. In case others would be interested, here is some useful information from Lucie Mewes:
    Racers "do" acronyms because we refer to rules in order of precedence. The rules we race by are in tomes, published after much thought and reflection, damage and injury.

    Here is a glossary of references used in the LongPac materials for your use, Jackie.

    ISAF International Sailing Federation
    RRS Racing Rules Of Sailing
    SSS Singlehanded Sailing Society of San Francisco Bay
    NOR Notice of Race
    RRC Racing Rules and Conditions
    LPRC LongPac Race Chair(s)
    SIs Sailing Instructions

    In addition,

    LongPac. The Great Pacific Longitude Race
    ComPlan. Plan for offshore yacht-to-yacht communications.

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    Thanks, Jackie.

    This Glossary (with the exception of my personal LPRC) is the basis for NORs and SIs for other races too.

    Most include the authority name in full followed by the acronym in an early section, subsequent references use only the acronym.

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