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Thread: Guadalupe Island Race

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    Default Guadalupe Island Race

    The PSSA Guadalupe Island Race started yesterday afternoon at 3pm. This is a 600 Nmi race from Marina del Rey (LA area) around Guadalupe Island (~100 nmi of the Baja peninsula) and back. Several last minute drop-outs resulted in a field of only 4 (2 singlehanded & 2 doublehanded). Rich Hillman is using this race as his qualifier for the SHTP.

    I'm maintaining regular status updates on the PSSA website (, so check it out and watch the progress of Rich and the others.

    Mark Keller

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    Hey All,

    I had to drop out of the Guadalupe Race (qualifier for the SHTP). And I'm dropping out of the SHTP also. I'm stating the reasons here because I feel it necessary to let you know how hard this decision is.

    1. When I did the Guadalupe race in 2002 as a qualifier it was a different experience. I loved being out there alone. This time I couldn’t actually get into that mode. I don’t know if it’s the boat or me or a combination. In 2002 I had a 40 foot Island Packet which my wife and I had bought new and had spent 5 years outfitting. This time I had a 1976 26 foot Contessa. Both are great boats but I've come to the realization that at 63 I'm not the adventurer/outdoorsman that I once was. The older we get the more comfort we need.
    2. Money. I know this is always a main concern but I’ve expended way too much on this boat. At least twice more than what I paid for the boat. Karen and I both agree on this. It’s time to cut my losses. With not much income coming in I have to be smarter.
    3. I’ve actually become a family man. I’ve never been much of that. I was always an outdoorsman and adventurer. Now with a bit of seasoning I’ve finally settled down and prefer this life. Thank God for that! With a 5 year old and 3 year old grandson living 4 blocks away, I missed them and my wife more than I thought I ever could.



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    Sorry you won't be joining us. I totally understand. It's when you're really alone, out there in the middle of nowhere, that you realize what are the most important things in your life. Surprise, it's not always sailing!

    - Mark

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    Congratulations on what sounds like a great decision. As far as I'm concerned, the best, and possibly the only real reason, to do the race is because you want to.

    Bill Merrick

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    Setting out on a longish offshore passage (especially the first one) is much more of a commitment -of time, preparation, money and most importantly, emotionally - than a lot of people realize.
    If you are not 100% 'into' your decison to go, then not going is the correct one.
    You certainly have my support in having made what is for you the right call.
    By the way, Horizon looks like a sweet little boat.... I was going to wait to see you to say that.......
    Bye for now.....Jim

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