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Thread: Longpac RRC - prep

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tchoupitoulas View Post
    Well what else DOES fulfill the requirement? Danbuoy? MOM?
    I have a Switlik MOM8 unit - when deployed/released and inflated, it has:
    a pylon/pole
    strobe light (at least flashing, may not be a xenon strobe)
    horseshoe flotation collar/ring
    sea anchor

    The MOM8 pole doesn't carry a 12"x12" flag, and I will argue the pole is large in diameter (as compared to a thin fiberglass MOB pole/wand) and is reasonably visible, and has retroflective tape at the top for locating at night; I'll argue that's as good as a flag.

    The SOS Danbuoy has:
    a drogue
    a pole, with streamer/flag and retroflective tape
    a light (doesn't say strobe light)

    doesn't seem to have a strobe light or a horeshoe ring, instead substituting two straps to put your arms through such that you hug the floating pole. If I were an inspectior (which I'm not) I'd want to see one in use before accepting the pole alone in lieu of a horseshoe collar (my impression is that the danbuoy will require more arm strength to maintain flotation as compared to floating in a horseshoe collar - but not having used a danbuoy I do not know whether or not my premise is correct) . The lack of strobe is also an issue, if in fact there is no strobe (so you could tie a strobe light to the kit to meet the rule). You'd also need to attach a whistle to the danbuoy.

    Or you could simply assemble what I used to carry before purchasing the MOM8:
    a pole w/flag
    a strobe light
    horseshoe collar

    At least those are my thoughts. The rule doesn't seem complicated or difficult to meet from my perspective, especially if you already have the basic MOB pole and horseshoe collar (which I always did) - just add a strobe, whistle, and drogue and you're good to go.

    - rob/beetle

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    Yes, Steve, the Danbuoy and MOM (horseshoe, whistle, strobe, highly visible flag, sea anchor) equals the equipment listed...doesn't it? And look, now it's on sale!


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