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Thread: RtR/SHF Meeting Last Night

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    Default RtR/SHF Meeting Last Night

    Thanks to all who came - we had a full house.

    OYC's Wednesday night beer can series is back in full swing. Our meeting went long and both groups had trouble getting on with their business - with Jim Antrim's talk on "Hydraulics" (Wave-Oh's?) getting compromised. Apologies to Jim A, our OYC hosts and to you, our skippers. The board will discuss options for future Wednesday night meetings during beer can season.

    Here is a link to an audio Jim made on the same topic with Michael M - perhaps it will fill in some of the information you couldn't hear:

    Also, I'll start a thread here about racing the SH Farallones if anyone would like me to. We want skippers to be well-prepared for what they may see during the race.

    >>> The start/finish will be at the St. Francis Yacht Club, not at the Golden Gate Yacht Club. An amendment to the SHF SI's will be forthcoming.

    P.S. - My potential career as a stand-up comedian started and ended last night.
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    Could we get a copy of Jim's slides? The noise level was pretty bad. Maybe have our meetings on Tuesdays or Thursdays, when there is no beercanning.

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    I asked Jim about posting the slides last night and he gave me the OK to post on the SSS site. I'll make sure there is a link to the slides in a few places online later today or tomorrow.

    The noisy video from last night is on YouTube at:


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    A nice follow-up to Jim's hydraulics presentation would be to read Susan Casey's book, THE WAVE. My brother sent it to me and I couldn't put it down for the first 150 pages. Casey goes into great detail about the conditions that create rogue waves, etc. in an engaging, John McPhee style. She crams a lot of facts into a page turner of a book.
    I am looking forward to finishing it and hearing anyone's comments about rogues in our front yard.


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