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Thread: Just couch tested the MX Mariner and Memory Map for my Android Tablet

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    Default Just couch tested the MX Mariner and Memory Map for my Android Tablet

    Some asked me about this and I will share with the others. My first application download ever on a mobile device. I am using a Nexus 7 tablet.

    MX Mariner for Android -- $6, simple and basic. Provided me with SOG, COG and Lat/Long. Has routes, waypoint and tracking which I have not used yet. Pinkish/red light level for the evening is cool. Ran smoothly, no hiccups. One Map download for SF to Hawaii.

    Memory Map for Android-- $20. A lot more display information that I have seen on PC based Navigation software. Some hiccups. Didn't run smoothly on my droid, for example, it switched back and forth from NOAA to Topo map inexplicably. The account management part was confusing in that trying to locate and download maps was not as easy as a simple download.

    2 years ago Long Pac, I was plotting myself on paper charts, but this year I wanted to make it less queasy.

    Here is a link to a web review that includes other Android apps and links to iphone based ones, too. My experience was different from the reviewer. More complexity seemed to add more hiccups and user unfriendliness. I did note that the reviewer did not run his test on an actual Droid tablet.

    Hope this helps some.
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