Which reminds me that I am the only board member who will be outgoing at the end of this year. Who would like to start thinking about becoming the next Race Information Officer? Such a grand title! It gets a lot of mileage around my house, I can tell you that.

The responsibilities of Race Information Officer can be accomplished in your very own home while your spouse/significant other/dog/snake/fish/children sleep, or early in the morning. You can do it on your boat or in a coffee house or in a yacht club. You can do it at your workplace if you can get away with it. All it requires is a computer. Here are some caveats: you have to be able to get along with Jim Quanci. And Bob Johnston. Matt Beall pretty much does his own thing and ignores you. And Tony Bourque. And Ray Irvine. Ray's the important one, because whenever you make a mistake you have to call him and he gives a big sigh and uses some Australian curse word that you might not understand. Or maybe you do. Then he'll say, "This is a BIG problem. I'll have to think about THIS." Then, ten minutes later it will be fixed. So that’s only a short term problem, your making mistakes. Interested parties please advise me or privately via my email: Jacqueline.philpott@gmail.com

I will train you at least as well as John Foster trained me for those three minutes on the computer @ West Marine.