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Thread: Seeking crew for South Pacific/Puddle Jump, April 2014

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    Default Seeking crew for South Pacific/Puddle Jump, April 2014

    Hi all:

    I plan to depart SF on 1 April 2014 for a 6-7 month South Pacific cruise of the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti/Society Islands, Cook Islands and possibly others, then either up through the Line Islands to Hawaii, or possibly straight on to Australia. My wife wonít be aboard, so Iím looking for a couple or two men for all or portions of the trip.

    The boat is Rainbow, a Crowther 10m catamaran. Rainbow was built in Australia and sailed to SF in the early 80ís, then up to Alaska and back under previous owners. Iíve had her to Hawaii and back in the í06 PacCup, and the í12 SSS Transpac, plus one Baja HaHa, and numerous local BAMA and SSS ocean races, and independent cruises.

    Anyone got the itch to cruise?

    I can be reached by email at: , or by phone at: 925-939-2490.

    Cliff Shaw

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    Where are you jumping from?


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    See you in the south pacific, cliff headed to Australia beginning mid feb or early march, beginning with a hawaii crossing. Boat is in SD right now.

    S/v mongo
    Cal 2-27

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