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Thread: New to Racing

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    The 2010 Corinthian race was my second SSS race, and I did it in a Cal 20. No autopilot, no spinnaker, no bottle. I read the instructions but forgot them at home, didn't know where the marks were and didn't have a gps yet. Thought I could figure them out from the paper chart on the bench beside me. While singlehanding. Right. Instead I followed boats that looked like they knew where they were going around little harding, blossom rock, etc. Wind at the start was, well, startling, and the boats around me scattered like birds when my jib line overwrapped and I heeled so hard that my cockpit filled with water. Low freeboard, that. In other words, it was So. Much. Fun! The Corinthian is next month. Come to the skippers meeting and introduce yourself. Participate in the race and you get a shirt. Join the club and you get a burgee. What's not to like? Jackie on Dura Mater, Cal 2-27
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