I thought there was a previous discussion on this but could not find the thread (something about a dinghy stolen).

I have been in Hanalei Bay many times (even married there) and have paddled around anchored boats over the years and all seemed safe and secure in a sandy bottom. However, we are always there in Nov-Dec, very calm and maybe no more than seven boats.

I thought it might be a good topic for races, especially if the fleet grows and we monopolize the Bay. My basic questions are Bay conditions in July, security and getting to Lightspeed and back.

I am not planning on staying on Lightspeed but would like to anchor near someone who may be staying on theirs. I know no guarantees but better than nothing. Also, Lightspeed would be happy to share a dinghy rental with anyone (or everyone) as I am not sure if there will be a committee boat available for day to day activity….Thanks in advance…..Rick/Lightspeed