The emergency rudder (old J24 rudder) is gone but the following is still available. Ping me if interested and I will send more info. Posting here because of the immediate relevance to people getting ready but will also post in the for sale section.

One of the large batteries is entirely new and not used. Also includes box, strap, etc... Other batteries are used but in good working order and have been kept topped up. Available of course for very little...

  • Large 80Ah (I think!) marine gel battery
  • Another large 80Ah (I think!) marine gel battery
  • Small 35 Ah gel battery
  • Small 35 Ah gel battery
  • Honda Marine generator - light and quiet - 2000W and associated charger/inverter
  • A box set up for the Honda generator for easy use on deck protected from the element and packets of sea water....includes exhaust. Beautiful craftsmanship
  • an 80W solar panel with mount that can be tilted forward and back, with junction box
  • 15 Amp Morningstar charge controller
  • SSB tuner
  • Slip on SSB antenna for backstay. Takes 5 min to set up
  • Garmin on deck GPS Antenna and wiring (x2)