Shipping Boats Back From Nawiliwili – Notes from George “Taz” Lythcott:

Matson Contacts:- Chris Castle, Lori-Anna Brian or Shelly Boswell. I believe they are located in Southern CA.
888-362-8766 or 480-902-5000

$65 per 40 Cubic Foot. This is the same rate as charged in the past few years. The shipping volume is measured from the tow hitch, to the boat transom, to the highest point off the ground (which may be the mast). The mast length is NOT used in the cubic foot calculation. This rate is the PacCup Rate. This includes the shipping of the trailer from Oakland to Kauai and the Boat/trailer from Kauai back to Oakland.
Overall Height Limit is 13′ 6″. At 14′ the shipper may have to make more analysis.
Overall Width Limit is 13′ wide. This is the width of the ship’s on-ramp.
Weight Limit is 110,000 lbs.
Boat needs to be securely tied down to the trailer, preferable with the yellow, ratchet straps. The trailer most likely will be tied down to the Matson ship by Matson crew. Rudders will not need to be removed unless it prevents the trailer from being transported over the road. The trailer must have a positive tongue weight.
Reservations should be made about one (1) to one and a half (1 1/2) months before shipping. Right now they are dealing with a lot of military equipment shipments.
Payment is required at delivery of cargo at destination. They will take credit cards.

From MY Shipping Experiences in 2010 and 2012:
Do not have a locked box on the trailer. It will be held in quarantine by “Agriculture” until it has been inspected. This is a requirement for the inter-island transport between Kauai to Oahu (in either direction).
Matson will insect the outside of your boat very carefully before accepting the boat for shipping for condition/damage. I had NO damage in either shipping experiences.
You will sign a waiver noting that Matson is not responsible for any personal property on the boat. I had “tons” of stuff in my boat and is was untouched. In 2010 I left my solar panels on the transom. In 202 I took them off and put them inside the boat.

You will sign a waiver stating that there is no food in the boat. This is for “Agriculture”.
Larry Conklin (Island Crane) is very skilled. In Nawiliwili, he will lift the mast off, put it on the ground, lif the boat out of the water, place it on the trailer and lift the mast and put it on the boat/trailer. He will also tow the trailer from the Matson yard to the dock for loading and tow the boat/trailer back to Matson. He has a good working relationship with the Matson personnel in Hawaii but he cannot change the rules.

Contact for Island Crane:
Larry Conklin
Island Crane and Rigging

TAZ!! arrived in Oakland approx. two weeks after shipping from Kauai. There is a schedule and you will know when to expect your boat in Oakland when your make your reservation.
The boats will arrive at Matson dock just next to Jack London Square.