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Thread: NCORC and SAS course

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    Default NCORC and SAS course

    I'm still confused about the SAS requirement for a doublehanded entry:

    4.3 At least 30% of those aboard, including the person in charge, shall have attended a US Sailing sanctioned Safety at Sea Seminar within the last 5 years, or other course accepted by the NCORC.

    Does that mean both have to do the course or just the skipper?

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    I'd say just the skipper alone was enough to satisfy the requirement.

    Regulations aside, it is problematic to sail with a crew who cannot handle the boat by themselves. If the skipper goes overboard, both are in serious trouble.

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    In an e-mail at the beginning of the season, Andy Newell (OYRA chair and a NorCalORC guy) said they round up at .5 (people). So in his case, with 8 crew he needs 2.4 (so 2) to attend the seminar.

    For doublehanders, .6 people need to attend, so just one.

    That's also why it says 30% "including the person in charge." Since we know Chris is in charge, she needs to attend.

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