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Thread: Sailing Tomorrow

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    My float plan for tomorrow is to sail down to the Westpoint Marina. They have a Friday Fun Series race starting at 6 ish. So, To the South!

    Leaving around 11 am tomorrow from Richmond, catching the last of the ebb toward the south bay, then slack is at 1142 followed by an attractive 3.3 flood. Got two spinnakers ready, one to put up and then down, the other to put up and then down again. I'll be swimming in nylon and spaghetti below, but it's better than dousing followed by the perfect aft wind and me saying "Awww, really?"

    Turns out there won't be free hot dogs after all, but maybe food trucks, maybe not. Huh. The Westpoint Yacht Club is under construction, ready in Spring 2022, just not this Spring 2022. That's okay, because DM is liveable without any of that civilized stuff. No electricity needed. No water. No shower.

    Brad Belleville tells me that, while DM's 210 phrf may be competitive against those other fat boats, they all have something we don't have: Local knowledge. I programmed the race marks into my garmin and notice that each one is surrounded by 2' of water. I asked Brad, "What do you think?" and he said, "You're used to being in the mud, right?"

    So there you go. I'll let you all know how it goes and I'll post photos, too. And yes, I know their number:

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    Redwood City mud is more forgiving than Delta mud.

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