The Lying Tree is a Hanalei Finish Line tradition for Singlehanded TransPac racers and their families.

5 PM every night after the first finisher. Bring your own bottles, and some pupus to share. Get to know who it was you spent time with on the SSB.

The 2012 fleet (at least those in Alameda) got together just before the race last year. I'm hosting one this race.

Tomorrow Night, Friday, June 20, coals ready at 6 PM at the BBQ table on the near Gate 8, Marina Village. As The General says, over by the geese.

I'll bring the BBQ and coals, table cloths, cups, plates, and dinnerware. And dinner food to share.

YOU are invited, racer or not, provided YOU BRING your own beverage and something for dinner to share. Dessert counts, salad counts, chips and cheese don't really count.

Call me if you have questions, ok? Lucie 510-301-0319. My phone has been replaced.