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Thread: Is Lightspeed still having trouble steering?

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    Default Is Lightspeed still having trouble steering?

    Looks like Lightspeed may still be having problems with the ball of twine on his prop and rudder. He is waay north.

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    Sorry for the delay just checked the forum. Rudder problem turned out to be a fishing net line with a block wrapped around the rudder shaft. Loud popping was block rubbing between rudder top and hull. Right turn was a bad late night low sleep call on my part. I was reading expedition that said a big high was going to hit the fleet and a quick over the top move of about 6 hours would clear Lightspeed and hit the fleet. Morning gribs proved different and expedition basically said whoops you should have stayed where you were. After a dead wind day kicking myself I spend the rest of the race on a beam reach trying to recover. Only had the kite the last 3 days. I may have to do this race again Lightspeed deserves better. Rick

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    Hi Rick,

    Congratulations of finishing the race. Lightspeed deserves better indeed. I hope you will take part of the next one and I hope to join you (read: race against you).

    I'm looking forward to catch up and hear the stories.


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