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Thread: Hurricane Julio nails a sailboat at latitude ~29, north of Oahu

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    After I figured you had left, I called on the SSB freq we had talked about. Never got any answers, so stopped for awhile.
    Then I tried a few more days. Oh well...
    Our passage back was frustrated by a high which was broken up, rather than one big, normal glob. Never got higher than Lat
    35deg. After we has passed east of where the high should have been, it started to show up as "normal" back behind us.
    And the small/weak high sure wasn't very effective at keeping the hurricanes pushed south of Hawaii where the belong. We
    were concerned about you and Steve/Brian. But the one of the net control people on the maritime mobile net that runs the
    checkins at 0330Z (Jane, who lives near PoiPu) said Julio hadn't amounted to much on Kauai. And we figured you had made
    enough northing by the time the Karina (?) became a threat.
    All in all, a pretty different passage back which ended up taking me about the same time as it normally does.

    All the best to you and Christie. Ken

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    Default Walkabout

    Here is a detailed story about the rescue of Walkabout. They were dismasted by the rescue ship and went under the stern once. Ugh. "The boat got drawn under the counter and disappeared. After a few seconds, the boat popped out aft of the ship."

    It appears that they may have been better off, in the end, without the rescue attempt.
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    Default Walkabout's position when located by USGC

    Best guess N2428 W15157, much farther south and east than I guessed from initial reports.

    The map image appears to show the path of the Coast Guard aircraft until intercepting the Walkabout on the North East edge of the eye wall.

    From "The Stars and Stripes";
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