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Thread: Class of 2014

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    Default Class of 2014

    Dear class of 2014. I got a chance email from Przeweil/Libra and got me thinking about everyone. Lightspeed is on the hard at KKMI working on the rudder I had issues with. I am home nursing a torn rotor cuff from the race. I am bored out of my gourd waiting until the 2015 season. I hope everyone got home safe. Like to hear your return stories (including shipping issues) and any damage reports...My best to you all.....Rick/Lightspeed

    PS any 2016 racers?

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    Harrier's return was relatively uneventful, except for the high which was somewhat broken up...making us suffer thru more than one area of lite air. Was a shorter passage in distance than normal (got no higher than 35N) to LA, but same time length as normal for us...21 days or so. Broke nothing (abnormal), ate poorly (normal) and read a bunch of books.
    How did you tear your rotator cuff? Fall...??/
    And "NO" for 2016...ha ha.
    Best of Fair Winds to all Ken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
    And "NO" for 2016...ha ha. Ken
    Ah, the definitive no. Again. Sir, you are such a tease. Brian Cline on Maris anticipates returning into the bay on the flood Sunday.

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    Elizabeth Ann's return was slow - 24 days. I found the return much more challenging than the race... went 700 miles north before we could turn and then ran into a lot of small highs that were breaking up and reforming. Spent 3 or so days bobbing around with zero wind. Got up to 44N trying to sail up around a high parked off the coast. Did catch a nice tuna.

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    I hope to do the next race. Methinks Right Turn Rick will be seeking redemption.....
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    Hi Rick Et al -
    Though not a buckle sportin' graduate, I'll jump in...
    Besides, I've been meaning to post some updates on Domino's repair and "return".

    The Short Version:
    New Rudder and Post were done beautifully in Carbon by Larry Tuttle / WateRat
    the new blade is smaller and longer than the original, about the same net surface area.Name:  Wilderness 30 rudder.jpg
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    As these things go, a new rudder and post begat proper bearings, vs the OEM delrin bushing arrangement.
    An added part of the reason for the bearings is that we found the original rudder and bushings were not plumb in the first place.Name:  IMG_1547.jpg
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    More time and treasure...Name:  photo(1).jpg
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    but done now!Name:  photo(1).jpg
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    anyhow, I brought Dom back to Alameda on Friday, 9/5.
    powered almost the entire way with 0-2 knots of wind the whole way up.
    Sailed HMB the next weekend, taking it easy and feeling rusty.
    had a nice sail home too... but still nothing over 10 knots until the gate.

    So far the new rudder is behaving nicely, though I have not leaned on it hard enough to find any limitations.
    the overall responsiveness is about the same at slow speeds...
    I will say that hand steering is hugely smoother and tighter, the new head and bearings make a huge difference to the feel... without the slop.

    We'll be on the start line for 2016
    have a little unfinished business...

    only 1yr 8mo 29D to get ready!


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    Thanks Rick, for starting a fun thread! Frolic’s 2014 return was slower than last time – 21 days vs. 19 in 2013. But rather than making that long slog alone, I was lucky to have Brian Boschma as crew. Except for missing our target, Santa Barbara by a few hundred miles, and ending up in Alameda, the trip was fairly uneventful. (Our navigation was ok, we blame tropical systems Lowell and Marie…) A few things needed (and need) attention including: a few new deck leaks, rudder-post packing, pressure switch on the fresh water pump (failed again), LED lamp that smoked and almost flamed, ignition switch disintegrated, boom/vang bracket attachment separation, electrical conduit came free inside the mast, jib foot that detached…. Lots of opportunities for improvement! We burned about 45 gallons of diesel and caught one mahi mahi. Daily routine included downloading weather FAX and GRIBs and checking in with the Pacific Sea Farer’s net. We heard Ken on Harrier check in doing his last week, our first, at sea. We had fun watching the ATOMs wind vane steer, especially in the couple H fragments where, while Frolic motored, the vane was operated with a small actuator motor. And swarms of dolphins! Brian made a music video:

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    Jack is back on the trailer at Mission Bay Yacht Club and project by project getting put back in order. Had the terrific experience of hoisting sails all the way up to the top of the mast while sailing! What a speed difference that makes! Like Dave I have unfinished business and will return, but not in 2016 as my oldest son just did well at the World Championships in Santander Spain and secured his Olympic berth in the Finn class. So we will be in Rio to watch him sail in circles. Count on me for 2018, though in what boat I do not know. It would be great to give the knees a break and be able to stand up when below. I have always liked the older Lapworth designed Cals and they are affordable. I am meeting Barry today for lunch, he is putting some rod rigging on his Capri 30 this weekend to replace the rod between the keel stepped mast and the deck. His broke with a bang during the return and he managed to replace it with a section of anchor chain. He had a long return and also had failure of his water tank that required a water drop from a passing ship.
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    That is so great that your son made the Olympic team. My father sailed in the 1936 Olympics for Norway (and got a medal). It was easier to make the team then as there were only 4 people living in Norway at the time.

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    Guys, Thanks for the updates! ….Ken we will see you in Kauai… I tore the shoulder during the race. Ironically it didn’t freeze up until I got home.

    Stuart, that is fantastic!! Please start a 2016 Olympic Sailing thread. I think we would all love to hear about the prep and activity behind the scenes that it takes to get to the Olympics.

    Steve. Great YouTube..We ran with a pod of dolphins on the way back but only got surface pictures. We also caught a mahi mahi Name:  IMG959521.jpg
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    Dave H…Good looking rudder. Lightspeed has been at KKMI for a bottom job and we dropped the rudder to inspect. It also has a Larry Tuttle Carbon shaft and Jefa bearing. Both are in great shape and all the “popping and grinding” I had was from a crab net line and snap shackle around the top of the shaft.

    Ironically across from Lightspeed is Sweet Okole who lost her rudder in this year’s Pacific Cup. Scuttlebutt is her story is similar to yours. Apparently her SS rudder shaft corroded through and broke between the top and bottom bearing. One theory being kicked around was she was berthed near a boat suspected of having an electrolysis problem and that slowly chewed up the inside of the SS shaft....My best...Rick

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    Doug, congratulations! Where can we follow Cal? Lucie

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