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    The heavy weather jib of 85% LP or less is an alternative to the storm jib. (You have to meet rule 4.52 [b] [1] OR [2] but not both.) I've always assumed this was a kind of cost saving/convenience measure.

    The question of when the requirement sent me to the archives ( and the earliest mention I can find of storm jib requirements is in the 2004 documents. My cursory perusal of earlier years' required equipment checklists only found mention of mainsail reefing to reduce the luff by 40%.

    The 2004 documents do not offer the 85% jib option but require a storm jib which meets specifications that are smaller than the 85% jib rule.

    The 2008 documents contain the first mention I found of the 85% jib option. Perhaps competitors griped about having to buy a storm jib.

    Geeze, BobJ is fast. Beat me to it.

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    Thanks, Bob. I must have missed the "or".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnS View Post
    Geeze, BobJ is fast. Beat me to it.
    . . . about some things. I'm "representing" for Brian so he'll not get distracted from getting me my autopilot parts. Hint, hint.

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    Getting back to the original title and theme of this thread: Just finished reading a new release: "Into the Raging Sea: Thirty Three Mariners One Megastorm & the Sinking of El Faro" by Rachel Slade, about the worst US maritime disaster since WW II: the 2015 loss of an American cargo ship during Hurricane Joaquin. Riveting, heartbreaking, and infuriating -- but most of all hugely informative on many topics of direct interest to anyone going to sea on any sort of craft.

    Description & synopsis:
    s/v Morning Star
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