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Thread: Armchair Long Pac

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    Jacqueline finished @ 18:02:19 Wednesday, well within the finish time for the race. This time was a bit later than the race committee expected. Of course, everyone finished later than the race committee expected. After six days Jan and her large coterie of volunteers became exhausted by the wait and finally called in the B team. Well, they called me and I called Brian, so I guess that made it the B+ team.

    I found Jan sitting in a lawn chair outside the Golden Gate Yacht Club @ 10:45 am. After almost a week supervising the troops she wanted to go sleep in her own bed. So she left and I took over the RC responsibilities: first I read a book in my car with the vhf radio tuned to channel 69. Then I looked through the binoculars. Then I drank my thermos of coffee and looked toward the bridge through the binoculars. Then I read part of another book. Then I looked through the binocs again. Then I waited and waited. Then I called Brian. Brian came and we drove out to Lands End and set up his goofy antenna and tried to raise Mike on the radio. When we reached him, this is what Mike said: "Due to a navigational error I am not where I said I was." Huh. We didn't ask what he meant, because we know that all will become clear sometime in the future. Once we knew that Mike hadn't drowned, our supervisory responsibilities discharged, we shrugged and decided to walk to the Cliff House and have lunch. Crab cakes and ahi tartare consumed, we drove back to the parking lot near the Golden Gate Yacht Club where - again - we looked toward the bridge through the binoculars. We tuned the vhf radio to channel 69. the we looked through the binocs. Then we waited and waited some more for Jacqueline to appear on the horizon. Which she did, still with Mike aboard. Thank goodness.

    Congratulations, sailors, you tenacious five. And that's a wrap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamayun View Post
    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I need to ask him if he was hove to and how it worked for him. He has a Freedom 32 with self tending jib (mine is an F38) and I've been wondering about this.

    Since he's halfway between SF Bay and Half Moon Bay, if someone gets a chance to talk to him and if he would like to bail out, I can give him a credit for a slip in Pillar Point Harbor for the night. I'll be here until about 1800 today, so if it's later that that, I could gather up some forces to help him get in. Though my money is he finishes on time
    I spent some time practicing heaving to on Jacqueline. It is definitely doable, kind of magical too. With our self tacking jib you have to set up a preventer on the wishbone. That is the downside. You have to go forward to set it up and in most circumstances where you really wanted to heave to: weather, severe fatigue, you probably would not be that keen to go forward. After my latest adventure I might re-look at this. I would have been far better off just heaving to than allowing myself to self destruct fatigue wise.

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