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Thread: TP Trophy Call

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    Default TP Trophy Call

    If you trophied in the 2006 race it's time to fess up. Tradition is "those who trophy in the prior TP race are responsible for returning said trophy in time for the next race".
    If you are in possession would you please PM me, reply to this post or email me directly at

    To date returned: Grover Nibouar 1st ULDB(Dogbark), Orcon 1st mono to finish(Dogbark), Tallet pepetual (Foolish Muse),

    Alchera has a nice trophy. Dogbark has yet another up in WA. Where are the others?
    Thank you

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    Default 2006 Navigation Award

    Hi, Tatia!

    So far as I'm aware, my trophy is still sitting safely locked away at Oakland Y.C.

    Jeanne "Nereida"

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