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Thread: Longpac Mavericks?

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    Default Longpac Mavericks?

    Given that the NOAA forecasts are actually pretty accurate over a three or four day period and the current lack of wind the Longpac racers are experiencing was not a surprise, wouldn't it be better to adopt a weather dependent start rather than a hard date for the Longpac? Mavericks calls in the participants only when the weather delivers the conditions that make for a successful event.

    Of course, there is the tradition of suffering through the slatfest that we would miss. There would be additiional forms to fill out with the USCG for alternate dates. Racers would have to make their schedules somewhat flexible. But in return we would avoid watching the trackers drift south and east in the current with no wind making less than 2 knots VMG over a 48 hour period.

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    Another point which I was just reminded of by RACER X is that there are different agendas going on here -- race vs. qualifier. RACER X was out there for the race so . . . lots of fodder so . . . or is it grist for the mill?

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    Certainly a very interesting idea. But I think for the majority of people finding that kind of flexibility in their work schedules would be difficult.

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    A flex date would never work for a race. This is why this is a race which means you get the weather your served up like all races. Your still allowed to do an independent qualifier to pick a pleasant window.

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    Interesting idea, but I also believe that flex schedules are difficult for most (sailors and RC) and would result in less participation. For strictly "qualifying," one can always anchor in Drakes bay or elsewhere. I think that's a better alternative since participating in an organized qualifying race increases the likelihood of doing the SHTP, as opposed to doing your own.

    The weather conditions have been difficult!

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    If you start changing dates based on weather forecast, who will decide what the right conditions are?
    Change the date because the forecast is below 5 knot, 10 knots? For how many days? Then the other question is: Are we changing dates because there is too much wind?
    Last LongPac many boats turned around due to big winds and big seas, while others continued.
    It's up to every competitor to decide to race and what conditions are ok, this should not be a decision of the race committee.

    I actually enjoyed the light air sailing. I made some major planning mistakes
    1. I assumed the race would start on Wednesday ( I did not check the calendar).
    2. I planned a trip out of the country leaving Tuesday morning.

    So worried about being stuck 200 miles offshore and not making my flight, I decided to turn around. next time I make sure I have plenty of time...

    Too bad, I would have liked to have continued racing...

    Dirk "TIJD" - First 30JK

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