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    Default first aid kit stuff

    Starting to gather up all the regular junk to toss into first aid box.....note to self...get some cipro....

    I am no kind of hypochondriac or anything like that, but probably a good idea, for those so inlined, to pick up a dose of ciprofloxin (I believe this is it's name) or some other similar broad-base, kill-almost-anything sort of antibiotic pills.

    Not that you are likely to pick up 'bugs' at sea, but in '06 I did get an infection in leg from landing dinghy and splashing around in the water in Hanalei creek. Of course it did not make an appearance until after I had left for the sail home.

    Only had a half-bottle of cipro on board so was not able to feed it it as many killer-meds as it may have needed.....ended up 3 days out from Juan de Fuca crawling out of the bunk at 0300 in somewhat fresh conditions to tie in 3rd reef - dragging useless (and really f#####g painful) leg along behind me.

    Told leg that if it co-operated a bit better I would take it to the first hospital/doctor/clinic/whatever we could find. Threatened if it did not smarten up I would have to throw it overboard

    After a couple treatments of intravenious antibiotic and a couple weeks of more pills, problem resolved itself. Doc had some kind of special name for type of infection, but what is was I don't recall and really doesn't matter

    But I think a full full dose of antibiotic when it first showed up may have solved the problem sooner.


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    I'm not a doctor, but I understand that Cipro is a good broad-spectrum antibiotic, and we have a supply on VALIS (thanks for the reminder -- all my meds have now expired).

    You might want to get some advice about a good antibiotic for MRSA (the resistant staph bug that is so nasty). Cipro is apparantly not particularly effective. Read about what happened on California Girl during their 2007 Transpac return trip. There was an article in Latitude 38, but not on-line. It was pretty messy and perhaps some different meds would have let them avoid some serious hospital-time.

    I'm going to ask my doctor about this when we put together the prescription-list. Of course keeping things clean is probably the best approach.


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    I am not a doctor nor a hypochondriac but here's what the two doctors (both sailors) I talked to suggested. Cipro 750mg (internal below the chest and external, good all around), Augmentin (chest and above, sinuses etc.), Keflex (external infections) and Bactroban (Topical effective on Staph). Additionally, I have Hydrocodone for pain. Then the usual bandages, Steri-strips and crazy glue for closing wounds, SAM splints and wraps and medicine for cold, flu, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, etc.. About the only thing I haven't covered yet is what I should have for burns. I also think I should have some of this in the abandon ship bag but haven't decided how to split it out yet.

    My goal is to return to SF with the kit unopened, but as Jim described very eloquently, "stuff" can happen....... Something very minor, left untreated, can cause you to "drag a leg" like Jim did.

    Not a doctor, so not suggesting, but this is what I am taking.

    Dream Chaser

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    Jim, I had almost the same exact thing happen on my 06 return. But no Cipro at all(or other prescription antibiotic) just neosporin and some kind of other ointment. Luckily had crew and by following Dr. Lou's advice of lots of warm soapy cleansing four times daily I turned the corner. Finally cleared up after arrival and some keflex. Will not forget antibiotics this go round.

    I had subsequently heard that there was some kind of sewage problem in the river that summer. Don't know if that was true or not.

    Thanks for the list John.


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