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Thread: Three Bridge Fiasco 2016

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    Default Three Bridge Fiasco 2016

    Welcome to the new Race Deck forum. The purpose is to provide a convenient place for announcements, personnel coordination, discussion etc. for the PRO/RC folks.


    OK, kicking this off with the biggest keelboat race in North America, the SSS Three Bridge Fiasco, 2016 Edition, which will happen Saturday January 30. Lot's of bodies and eyeballs are needed for this one!

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    Thank you David. As I look forward to being your RC in 2016 I thought this Race Deck forum thread might be a good place for racers to ask questions of the Race Deck BEFORE the race to clarify any dates, times, divisions within the SI's. I am also looking to put together a RC team for 2016....More later as we firm up the races and race dates....Rick

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