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Thread: AIS "RADAR" Unit

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    Default AIS "RADAR" Unit

    I'm passing this along for Ash/Kitty Mambo:

    I ordered an AIS "Radar" anti-collision unit from the UK. It has arrived at my home in Pasadena and is still in the box. I have no use for it right now, but I know that some of the race competitors may be looking to get one. I thought that I would make it available to them less $50 before I put it on Ebay or Craigslist. I have never been able to post to the forum, even though I did the sign-in procedures requested???. Is there some way that you can let the people know about this? I can arrange to have the unit sent from my home in Pasadedna.

    Thanks again,
    Kitty mambo
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    Is the AIS unit still available? What exactly are you selling?

    Thanks ,George

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