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Thread: looking for an AP upgrade

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    Default looking for an AP upgrade

    Hi everybody, I've a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 29.2. Currently I'm using a Raymarine ST2000.
    It`s a good Ap when motoring, and have a low energy consumption.
    It's not so good over 20knt in wind, worst downwind if there is wave over 4 ft.

    Looking for a really improvement with my AP, my options are:

    1. Raymarine EV-200. Quite expensive, worried about energy. (I've only got 2 105AMP AGM bat).
    Probably it'll do the job without problems, its oversized for my boat. Installation below deck, so really nice cockpit

    2- Hydrovane and keep my ST2000 when motoring. (I do a lot of coastal cruising, sailing between 40-60 nm a day, spending the night anchored)
    It'll sure do the job in high winds and waves, but not sure about coastal cruising. Installation is really intrusive in boat transom.

    3- Pelagic Autopilot. Really good price, worried about performance.

    any advice for this difficult question?

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    I've seen a Pelagic AP in action.
    I seriously doubt you will have any performance issues.
    My next boat will have one.
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    I moved from an old Raymarine Autohelm to the EV-200 on my Tartan 4100.
    Improvement? Yes
    Perfect? No
    Your line "It's not so good over 20knt in wind, worst downwind if there is wave over 4 ft." Could have been written about the EV-200 as well. It's fine upwind in just about any conditions. Struggles downwind in large waves. I guess most APs do (except maybe NKE?).
    No regrets on the move, but definitely not a magic bullet for me.

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    Pelagic for sure. Elise has two (tiller and powering an NKE ram) and it works better than NKE in both the light and the heavy stuff. I switched from NKE being my primary to NKE being my backup

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