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    Default Weather & routing tool - SailGrib WR

    Sailors, not just singlehanded but satellite users (e.g. Iridium GO),

    If you're looking for a tool to get GRIB files, weather charts, routing, navigation, NMEA integration, AIS and more, while at sea ... and you can't afford Adrena, Expedition, Time Zero, etc ... consider SailGrib WR. This is personally my go to app.

    All for $69.99 with free NOOA charts. I can't see anything coming close in terms of features, usability, value, support. Android only.

    No I'm not affiliated with this developer. I'm just amazed at the value and quality. This guy responds to my emails daily AND takes my suggestions into consideration. Example: he added a few regions for weather charts and he's now working on sat images.

    Current link (may be outdated in the future):
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