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    Default Corinthian Race Open

    Racers, the Corinthian Race is now open in Jibeset. Please note the NOR-SSI’s Par 3 has been updated to better clarify and reflect US Sailing RRS.

    Also, be aware our friends at the Corinthian Yacht Club no longer allow guns on the race deck so the race deck will be substituting an air-horn for traditional gun signals.

    Last, as a backup I have left course #2 from last year in this year’s SI’s. It is not the RC intent to use course #2 unless weather condition dictates the need. If course #2 is needed, RC will make every effort to warn racers as early as possible….Come out and enjoy the race….Rick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightspeed View Post
    Racers, the Corinthian Race is now open in Jibeset.
    Thanks, Rick! Do you think the Corinthian would like our racers to stop in and buy their beer after the race?

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