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Thread: Return Delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldensloh View Post
    Shaman left on Thursday, Sept. 8th at 9:53pm PDT. Been making really good progress northeast. They are here:
    SHAMAN on AIS at 4 pm PDST, inbound from Kauai and about 30 miles from Moss Landing, reaching at 7 knots.... Good passage for them, in ~17 days. Welcome Home!
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    Yup Capitola neighbor Sleddog, Shaman made it home in very good condition. Great delivery team of skipper Shelly Galligan with Ryan Finn (SHTP 2004) and Eric Bowen. All three of them were highly qualified as skippers in their own right. A few minor problems but the engine, electronics and other systems performed with nearly flawless perfection. They did a lot of upwind sailing of course but also quite a bit of spinnaker work with the 1 1/2 ounce kite and reaching with the jib top. All three of the crew folks now “get it” about why Cal 40s are great boats. Ryan was impressed with how well balanced the boat was in 18 knots with the spinnaker, saying he could let go of the tiller and the boat would sail itself in a straight line. They had a couple of 24-hour day’s runs of 180+ miles and some reaching in 35 knots with big waves and only the #3.

    So the 2016 SHTP is now officially history.

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