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Thread: Return Delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by pogen View Post
    I find the twin anchors on Mike's bow pretty intimidating, even the Navy wouldn't like their paint scratched.
    Mouton Noir only has limited manuverability around docks. The designer of Garcias's, upon hearing complaints retorted "it's designed for the ocean, not docks".

    And it doesn't carry 300 + gallons. Only about 220'and then 8 jugs we filled. A lot was used for power on the way over since the sun didn't cooperate.

    Yes the anchors could cause some damage. We won't talk about our docking in Comox up in B C.
    But I'm still jonesing for a Rockna.

    Since Mike shouldn't be complaining about manuerability at sea it'll need to be something else. Ummmm.

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    Susan Walker

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    Default Temerity's Return Trip

    This from Brian Boschma on Temerity:

    we had been eating backpack food, but I couldn't take it any more. Made a lentil and rice dish with canned chicken and some fresh sauteed onions. Topped that off with a bit of pinot noir, not to be confused with Mouton Noir, who is about 100 miles to the north.

    The boat handles the same as mine. I would alter a few things in the kitchen to make cooking safer. It is very painful to cook when on starboard tack upwind, and we have been on starboard for, are you ready, 244 1/2 hours, but who is counting.

    We will arrive in GRand hopefully in 9 more days. The weather has been really challenging. We are alomst as far north as the oregon border and going further.

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    Termirity update
    to me, svmoutonnoir, wdi6622, +1
    1 hour agoDetails

    1813 PDT Aug 5: 40-48, 149-53
    Winds ESE at 10. Course 70T. Seas 2 to 4 and chop. Water temp is down a ggod amount from two days ago. Weather has been less than compliant with our plans. This is the 269 th hour of beating into the wind. A few hours of motoring to date, having consumed 10 gallons of diesel. The gribs keep teasing us with a supposed shift to the NE which would allow us to point at SF, followed by a swing to the N and a reach. We are beginning to believe this is an illusion. If this persists we're headed for Portland.


    And this from
    John Woodworth on Owl

    Yikes. We are facing similar illusions with the trades more north than east. We are still making Commanders waypoints though.
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    I have a Marine Traffic station on the Delta (#2880) and logged in this morning to have a look at Delta traffic. I noticed much broader pacific coverage that I had seen previously. Apparently Marine Traffic is acquiring AIS signals via satellite. Maybe this has been going on for awhile but I had not seen it before.

    In any event they charge extra for vessel names and data they are tracking via satellite but a couple of the targets look suspiciously like our Temerity, Seized Asset, Mouton Noir. Owl and so on. The positions seem to match up pretty well.

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    More from Temerity:

    We have had issues. I think I sent that to you. Latest was a torn main and a frozen engine. All repaired at this point, not without a bit of diesel sprayed all over me late last night. We have video on that little episode.

    I want to say, the most prized position on this boat is a single cushion. Only one on the entire boat. On it are stenciled the words, "Dura Mater". Thanks for tossing that aboard.

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    Silliness Offshore
    The Northing of Michael J

    By Steve Hodges
    Philosopher Poet 04 Aug 2016 rev A

    There are strange things done by the Hawaiian sun
    To the sailors who sail for the islands and back
    The tropical squalls had seen it all
    Until the Northing of Michael J

    Now, Michael J was from San Jose
    But he kept his black boat on the bay
    Mighty Mouton Noir, a sheep of y’aar
    Had sailed thousands of miles in her day

    Michael J and his black solent sloop
    Raced to Hawaii in ship-shape dapper style
    A regular Ritz with a fresh daily spritz
    Was how Michael drew for the Garden Isle

    So, after sixteen days underway, Mouton
    Dipped her hook in glittering Hanalei Bay
    And after a rest, with foulies all pressed,
    Michael decided ‘we’ll have no more delay!’

    So ‘twas anchor aweigh, let’s sail away!’
    And into the trades which blew her forth
    With all sails set, Mouton roared like a jet
    Leaving a foamy white wake in her spray

    The plan for this lamb was to jam North
    Until the day San Fran was broadly abeam
    Then turn starboard for home and reach
    Far East for the golden gateway and bay

    Mouton Noir, that sailing sheep of y’aar
    Gracefully pulled her hull thru the waves
    And when she reached the 38th floor
    She, per plan, tugged at her starboard rein

    But the Pacific high was not yet nigh
    And the skipper needed his fix
    So he held his resolve and continued
    The plod to the North, oh! so far away!

    The Pacific high, in cahoots with the sky
    Kept slipping ‘neath the horizon’s veil
    And thus Mouton was compelled to sail
    Into the teeth of the fabled alley of gale

    Northern winds are cold and wail
    Screeching thru any ship’s riggings
    But the crew of the good bovine ship
    Stoically withheld their dip misgivings

    And so they sailed on with fears un-availed
    Into the cold water and long days of the North
    Expecting all awhile to be tossed like hay baled
    With nothing to save them but raw cabbage

    But even two salty heads asea on a sled
    Faced chipping ice with deeply felt dread
    That chore wore their Cally blood cold
    Inspiring a new sailing plan, less bold

    ‘Twas the sight of a white ‘bergs afloe
    Caused Mouton’s Northing to slow
    And, to the relief of her chilled crew
    Her mutton bow to the south drew

    And so with wave froth lapping her derriere
    Mouton, sailed hard on the billowing air,
    And, bringing relief to dear reader’s ear,
    Her muse will now trade his pen for a beer

    (With a nod to Service and apology to Sam McGee)

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    4 am 080716

    Weather was the usual beat to the NE. We are closing in on Seattle but our goal has been San Francisco. The weather guru's are saying all should get better as the HP system descends below us and the wind shift to the N - NE. We are at 41-37N 147-39W. That elusive forecast is always 24 hours away.

    The delivery main, AKA old racing main, decided to tear from luff the leech in the 15 kt breeze. On went the new racing main.

    The evening was capped by a failing engine. After an hour of diagnosis we found water in the fuel. Drained that, bled the system, managed to over pressurize a RACOR seal and spray fuel all over the mechanic and assistant. It all started running again and we will keep an eye out for more water contamination.

    Winds are light tonight, temps are cooling. Hoping for some downwind sailing someday.

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    This from Seazed Asset: Please don't try to contact him. Batteries are very low.


    The water pump is NOT repairable, sad to say.

    We have been sailing only from Friday and now the rest of the way home. We have no way to charge the batteries and shut all non needed items down. We are saving some juice for the SSB, every three days and the GPS.

    Conditions have been light but good. Made progress every day. We will be turning more for SF today. I just called Commanders Weather and asked for a three day routing. Looks like we will go a bit more east, to catch the N winds. That should happen about 140 W.

    We have plenty of food and water and boat is sailing well.

    Do NOT email back. I need to save batteries for Commanders Weather routing.

    Position as of 1200 PDT 44 48N 144 34W

    Vance and Steve

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    The Pinnacle map and the individual DeLorme maps are showing strangely different locations for some of the boats -- it looks like that SEAZED and TEMERITY are now about 1000 nm from the Gate though, so if the winds are at all kind we might see them back in 7 days.

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    From Temerity August 7
    2025 PDT 41-45, 143-15. SOG 5 kts. Wind zero. Swell mostly ship wakes.

    At this moment there are 7 ships on the AIS within a 20 mile radius. We have been averaging 3 a day for the past two to three days. This is like the Santa Barbara beach on a Saturday.

    Events: Caught 18 lb tuna at 10 am on home made lure. Went swimming. Repaired temp sensor on engine. Poorly seated push on connector on new sensor. Bird has be friended us and is hanging out on poop deck. Settling in with big tuna fillets for dinner.

    To follow Seazed Asset and Temerity go here:
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