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    Oh my my! That took forever! I passed Nathan on my way to the Lightship. He was eating lunch and slouching in the cockpit while his unspinnaker flopped around. He promised me whales at the lightship, which were long gone two hours later by the time DM and I inched our way 'round it. Jeez Louise! That was tortuous! 5.5 hours out, 3 hours back. I can't remember how many times I tacked. Two thousand?

    Then, when I poled out my jib and headed back I realized that I was headed straight for the waiting pilot boat, with a tanker coming out and a tanker coming in. I can just imagine the bar pilots inside:

    "Could she be any dumber?"
    "Dunno. Let's watch and see what she does next."

    And then. Shouldn't that wind have shut down by 7:30? Well, apparently not, because I really caught it in the slot and all the way home to Berkeley. 23 knots? Seriously? I'm tired! What a day. It was kinda cold, and almost drizzling the entire time after 4pm. Ate my ham and cheese sandwich then I felt nauseous. I had to turn up the zapper on my wrist thingie.

    By the time I crashed into my dockbox back in Berkeley my legs were wobbly. In other words, DM and I experienced the range of the San Francisco Bay and Gulf of the Farallones all in the same day, and, of course, enjoyed ourselves enormously. Thank you again, Nathalie!
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