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Thread: IOR & MORC event in SF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanH View Post
    Anyway, to get back to the original there interest in a MORC / IOR series...

    I can't get excited about the SSS running such a thing, so I'd say it would have to be someone else. In terms of ratings, I don't know where the MORC rating database is, though I believe it exists (or used to) and finding a certified MORC measurer these days is essentially impossible. Someone could volunteer to get trained, I suppose, but I can't get excited about paying $$$ to have my boat rated. If I could pay $25 and get a stock rating for an S-2 7.9 then, OK.

    I have no horse in the rating discussion...MORC, PHRF, doesn't really matter to me, personally.
    I now may have a little help in my desire to having CCA/1/2 ton racing return to the San Francisco Bay. I am getting those who can make this a reality together. Will try to flush out more when i get firm commitments and facts. As many pointed out, this is not likely a SSS event and may be rolled into one of the other popular YRA bay venues.

    I am excited to be racing another Mull 30, Lively Lady in the TBF at the end of this month. PHRF set by the YRA and all - which I am cool with. Baby steps I know. Its been decades since these two boats faced each other in a bay race. In the months to come, we will have Bruce out with us making 3 with the Shadow. For those who would like to sail like it was the old days, in our returned class and among friends, i would hope you'd please join us.
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    Without friends, none of this would be possible.

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    More than happy to do a revival for the Quarters in the SF bay!
    I got the Summertime Dream from Scott Owens (designed by Carl Schumaker)!

    Here a good link for any one to navigate with the acronyms and more:

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    The prospect of getting 1/4 tonners out and racing seems like a fun event. I am not sure there is a need to recreate all the former conditions - for example, where are you going to find a Kaypro or Osborne computer and the rating programs. It seems all the boats that race have a PHRF rating. If anyone can figure out how a current PHRF rating differs from a MORC rating - good luck.

    For the size of the group, it seems everyone would be aware of boat modifications that impact speed.

    Good luck and get them out there.

    I remember looking at buying one of the boats that had an onboard fire in the early 90's. Between relocating to Southern CA and trying to figure out a rebuild, I wisely avoided the purchase. The boat (sorry, I don't recall name) has since been rebuilt and is out racing.

    I did have my fun with Eclipse, a Britton Chance 3/4 tonner that I bought.



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