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Thread: I am going to do a documentary on the history of women skippers in the SHTP

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    Default I am going to do a documentary on the history of women skippers in the SHTP

    Hello All,

    I am going to do the race again in 2018 on my new boat Cassiopeia (Haunani was sadly destroyed by the shipping co on her way home :-( ). I want to honor the women who have gone before me by doing a documentary about women in solo offshore sailing and the women of this race in particular. I am looking for history, contacts, thoughts....etc! I am very very excited about this project and hope to talk to many of you as time goes on. My personal email is and I would love to hear for you if you feel so inclined or have anything you would like to share! AND......I would love to see more women at the start line next about we make it a record year for women participants???
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    I know you can look all this stuff up yourself, but obviously Synthia Petroka is still alive and kicking.

    I saw Terry McKelvey ten years ago at a concert in San Francisco, so she might still be in the Bay Area. She did it in '96 on her Cal 2-27, and went again in 2000 and used to live in Berkeley. Linda Newland is still around (

    I think Amy Boyer lives in Saccramento? Anybody know?

    I don't know where Grace Simes is. The earliest SHTP that I personally remember is the '90 race.
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    Sounds interesting. I hope you made it!

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